The Global Garden is a collaborative initiative to creatively contribute to positive environmental action in regards to climate change. Each participant has planted a tree or potted a plant and has agreed to cultivate it as part of the global garden. As the garden continues to spread beyond geographic boundaries, into homes and backyards across the world via a network of participants, it acts as a practical gesture of commitment to conserving and protecting  not only our local and unique eco systems, but the wider global environment.

Plants have a very real and tremendous effect on the environment; Some estimates conclude that 100 trees remove up to five tons of CO2, 400 pounds of ozone, and 300 pounds of small particulate matter. A study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service determined that trees in New York City annually removed more than 1,800 metric tons of air pollution from that city’s atmosphere. So each plant in our garden contributes to a healthier planet.

Progress of the garden will be documented via the website and collated on the Global Garden google map to plot its growth and spread.

You are invited to participate!!! Plant a tree or pot a plant in the Global Garden and watch how it grows.

The Global Garden is facilitated by Rachael Parsons


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